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How Errl University Works

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Once enrolled as a student at Errl University you can take our FREE intro to cannabis and enroll in cannabis education classes and start learning immediately.  You’re not alone with educational support, resource library and other education assistance.

ERRL Ambassador Program

Work with professionals in the cannabis industry. Learn how to manage a cannabis business or even open your own. Our Ambassadors are available to help you take your cannabis career to the next level. 

Learn at your own pace

All students have access to the online classes 24/7, anywhere in the world.  You can take your courses at your own pace. Giving you the learning style that matches you and your lifestlye. 

Take Quiz’s and get Certified

After completing each of your classes, you will be given a quiz to see if you understand the information covered.  Pass the quiz, gain rewards and get certified in each course you pass. 

Cannabis Judging Certifications – Available Now

Cannabis Judging Certifications – Coming Soon

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Errl Ambassadors

Get the support you need from award winning top scholars in their fields. Errl Ambassadors are here to make your intrests a career.

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Connect direct to the people that are hiring in the industry.  Get the latest job opening in the cannabis industry.

Errl Points

Earn points from everything from a course, lesson, and quizzes.

What other Students are Saying

Great course.  The introduction to cannabis helps me a get a job at a dispensary!

J. Hendirk


I thought it was bull but once I finished the intro to cannabis I could not help but take all the other classes. Thanks for having such an awesome site!

F. Ludwig


I love learning about cannabis and EU gives me the good stuff without all the boring fluff! Thank you EU!

T. Lucitie